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Success Stories

lori_goldbergTo make a long story short, on 2-21-02 I was injured bilateral ankles torn ligaments. I was forced to work for 5 months and then an mri was taken showing torn ligaments, I was told to continue to work for additional 2 months before surgery was performed. the surgeries didn’thave accurate affect, so I had to wait another three years before another surgeon was able to reconsruct both my ankles then the gruling process of learning how to walk all over again. I was given physical therepy for a time and then wasn’t authorized for some time about one year meantime I have had a lot of testing done, mri’s, ncu’s which still showed some problems, however the latest neurologist said my problem is an orthopedic one, so recommended I see an orthopedic surgeon, meantime Dr.Hsu said he would be able to do adjustments to my ankles. The adjustments to my ankles started on july 28 2008. The first adjustment made a major improvement to reduce my pain. In my left ankles. Instantly from a level 7 to a level 4. (before my surgery my pain was at a level 14, way off the charts) I had another adjustment on wednesday the 30th of july and again my pain level was reduced futher pretty much in half again.

Late note on monday july 28, 2008 I was so elated I started crying for I haven’t felt relief from the pain since the day of the injury more than 6 years ago. I have seen other doctors in Dr.Hsu profession and none of them ever did these types of adjustments. Dr.Hsu said that this is the beginning to a recovery, in which should have been done for me a long time ago, to avoid all the time and money spent over the last 6 years.

At this point I feel as though I owe my life to Dr,Hsu, he is a miracle worker. I am sure as he has helped me, he can help all those who come to him to see and experience a brighter future without pain.

Thank you Dr.Hsu for going into this field, and knowing how this is the best way to help all of your patients.

—— Lori Goldberg

rick_morrisI would like to say that I have had great success with Dr.Austin Hsu D.C. and his staffwith my therepy to my left knee post surgery and to my mid and low back. After an on the job injury. I have been coming to Dr.Hsu’s office since december of 2007 after left knee surgery on 11/20/07. This has really helped with the strengthening of my left knee and low and mid back. Therepy has helped me a great deal to maintain the pain level until a discogram can take place to see what surgery if any will take place. Thank you so much for all you have done as well as your great staff. Cindy , leslie and Dr.Hsu.

—— Rickey E. Morris

grace_arosOriginally when I walked in Dr.Hsu’s office I was looking for a medical doctor because I was suffering from debiliating back pain and was looking for a quick fix. After a brief informative consultation I decided to give dr.hsu a try and I am so happy I did. After 36 weeks I feel wonderful most of the time and the severe back pain I was experiencing is gone.

—— Grace Aros

elvinI have been going for treatment for a short time, with Dr.Hsu, since approximately may 2008. He has helped my mobility in my shoulders, back and hips. My foot inserts allowed me to use the treadmill for 4 miles without pain. I am going to miss him, as much as he was able to help me return to being at my best. I appreciate being in his care..

—— Elwin Vonfunk

john_harrisBefore treatment at Dr. Hsu’s office I suffered from constant neck and back pain. I did not have full motion in my neck area. I was unable to move my neck from side to side and up and down without severe pain. For years my back pain was severe with buldging discs. I started treatment with Dr. Hsu’s chiropractic and my pain slowly decreased. I am able to have a normal life without fewer flare ups. I would highly recommend this treatment to help a patient to live a life without constant pain.

—— John Harris

Dear Dr.Hsu,

As you know I began a treatment modality with you on or about march 19,2008. As you will recall in the beginning of my therepy my complaint was increased spinal pain several hours later following each treatment with you. You convinced me to continue with the understanding this discomfort was expected and would slowly or gradually decrease with time and you were correct.

My progress over the period of march 19, 2008 throguh july 21, 2008 has been positive. I regret I was not given your services earlier. My functional improvement did not happen overnight, as you know it has been a gradual improvement. The improvement has consisted in allowing me to dress myself, using simple clothing. I can bathe most of myself and my sleeping pattern has increased to 2-4 hours uninterrupted with the use of ambien. Prior to your treatments the effectiveness of ambien was interrupted by the pain, which did not allow me to sleep uninterrupted.

Pain medication consisted of regualr refils with tylenol #3 90 tabs and lidocaine patches. My oral and transdermal use has decreased, meaning the pain level has decreased. Because of the overall improvement, I have motivated myself to take small steps to increase my level of activity. Sometimes I have become over confident and eager which led to giant leaps and this caused me take a few steps backwards, which is about the time i see dr.sadler. I feel major improvments; my quality of life has imporved. Instead of living a helpless life of geriatric, I am now able to perform simple activities of daily living without unbearable pain which has caused me to medicate, breakdown emotionally and suffer from profound anxiety. I thank you for treating me the patient, not the textbook. I know the imporovments maybe small for others, but for me it has made a profound difference in my life. Thankyou

—— Marisela Gray

When I first came to visit Dr.Hsu I was not a firm beleiver in chiropractic care. But, I had a lot of back pain that would not go away. When the treatment plan was explaind it seemed like a lot, but I decided to give it a try. Now, four months into the program I am pain free in my lower back and neck and am feeling better all over. I am glad I decided to follow the programand am extremely pleased with Dr.Hsu and his staff. They are competent and caring professionals.

—— Vince Conway

I have receiving therepy for almost a year and I have noticed a big difference. The therepy is really helping. I still have pain, but it is not like it was in the beginning. I feel that I should continue with therepy because of the progress I have noticed.

—— Sheena Murray

I just want to thank you for all the help you have provided! I have always been afraid to go to a chiro, stayed very tense! but from the very first day with you, I was relaxed! I know when I am having a very rough day, and I come see you, I will be much better by the afternoon! I am going to miss you and I hope you enjoy your new adventure in life! They are going to be so lucky to have you in seattle! Once again thanks so much!

Much luck and happieness

God bless, mary medrano

—— Mary Medrano

After the car accident that we had, I began taking three tylonel sleep every night because I was in a lot of pain. There were times id wake up and take 2 or 3 more cause my neck and lower back still hurt and wake me up then I’d take 2 tylenol or excederine es before I went to work around the afternoon I was taking 2 more to get through the day and of course more when I got home. I was running out of pills I was hurting all the time. Since I came to Dr.Hsu I feel a lot less pain and take only one or two pills of tylenol a week if that! Thank you Dr.Hsu and Cindy. Thank you your friend, Teresa.

Dr. Hsu;

I want to take this oppurtunity to thank you for making me well. I thought I would never be able to walk right, like I use too. I thank god for letting me have faith and putting that faith in you. I will miss you. You take care and may god bless you in everything you do. Again thank you for getting me well.

—— Mary H. Baltazar

To me my pain was complicated and aggreviating. My shoulder, upper spine, hip and right leg. I had problems with movement and pain after talking with Dr. Sadler he reasured me I would be taken care of and he was right. He referred me to Dr. Austin Hsu. Dr. Hsu explained to me my therepy and treatment. He has helped me limit my pain and has been there to answer my questions. Even though I need more treatment in the future. My success is that Dr. Hsu is there to help treat and make sure your pain is limited. And that is what injured people look for. Thank you.

—— Kirk Taber

My name is jose tapia, I am writting this letter to say that chiropractic helped me a lot, because when I started coming to therepy I was in too much pain especially on my right leg, and now that I am finished with therepy I feel much better. now I walk better and for this reason I would like to thank Dr. Hsu for healing me.

—— Jose Tapia

I was hit by a truck and messed up my neck and lower back. From my neck pain it gave me headaches everyday; they were so bad some days I couldn’t get out of bed, but with the help of Dr. Hsu’s chiropractic treatments really helped a lot. A couple months of chiropractic treatments and now I get no headaches, no back pains and I have recovered 100%. I am very happy with my results.

—— Brandon Goodwin

My name is nancy, I am a 51 year old who had been suffering from back pain and constant headaches. My back was so severe it interferred with my daily activites. I was referred to dr.hsu who started treting me with chiropractic adjustments and other thereputic treatments. Within a couple of weeks I had already noticed a great improvement without any use of medications since becoming a patient of Dr.Hsu I am now able to preform my daily activities pain free and also have decreased headaches. I am very satisfied and I greatly appreciate him and his staff for all they have done for me. I would highly recommend Dr.Hsu to anyone who is interested in seeing a chiropractor.

—— Nancy Salaiz


Perdone mis fatas de ortografia. Espero que adon de usted tega mucha surte y que los pasientes que usted atienda se alivivien de sus en fermedar des que porlo que ami metoca muchas gracias por averme atendido to do este tienpo que grasias a sus cuidados e megorado que dios lo vendiga en sus nuebos sueson son los de seos de una pasiente.

—— Rosana Uribe

My name is Michael Parra; I was having severe neck pain for about eight months that would radiate to my arm, making my everyday duties unbearable. After seeing a doctor and prescibed medications with no results, I was informed about Dr. Hsu. With only a few short visits and no medication my body is now pain free and I can continue to work pain free. I have great appreciation for Dr. Hsu and his staff, and highly recommend him to anyone is considering seeing a chiropractor.

—— Michael Parra

I suffer with great pain and stiffness to my neck, mid-back and low back, which is treated with pain medication and rest. I witnessed my quality of life slowly decreasing with time. I selected against surgical intervention, because of my belief in complementary or alternative medicine. My last hope came through the decision to combine physical therepy and spinal manipulation with Dr.Hsu. In a short time with Dr.Hsu, I have experienced periods of decreased pain and increased motion. I have been in the medical field since 1978 and recommend this course of treatment.

—— M. Gray

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