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SpineForce Strengthening

We rely on our spines for skeletal motion, spinal cord protection, and the scaffolding for stabilizing muscles. However, in turn, the spine itself relies on additional support offered by the core muscles of the abdomen, back, and hip.

When these muscles are untrained and inflexible, imbalances often begin to develop – such as exercising abs without stretching your hip muscles, leaving your knees and back to bear most of the weight-bearing stress. For even simple movements like sitting and standing, so many muscles are required to contract and relax. If these muscles weaken, accumulated stress and damage to vulnerable spinal disc structures can cause a weight-bearing shift onto sensitive nerves and facet joints, eventually leading to back pain.

The SpineForce can reduce the accumulated wear and tear on the spine by strengthening up to 80 core muscle at a time, offering enhanced balance, agility, and endurance. Individuals afflicted by back pain conditions are able to benefit from SpineForce technology since the specific movements improve stamina, reduce injury risk, and hasten the recovery process. Living Well Medical, situated in Downtown Manhattan, utilizes SpineForce technology as part of a comprehensive treatment protocol designed to reduce and eliminate back pain.

How the SpineForce Aids Healing

The SpineForce stimulates the deep muscles of the spine while the user balances on an oscillating platform that forces the body to remain stable during specific movements. The numerous spinal muscles engaged by the platform’s rotating movements must respond to continuous balancing changes by making appropriate postural adjustments.

Beyond the oscillating platform is a moving column that intensifies the amount of stimulation directed toward the stabilizing muscles of the spine. Attached to the moving column are two large handles with built-in sensors designed to actively respond to the imbalances and postural deficiencies presented by each individual’s movement.

The SpineForce reeducates the deep muscles of the spinal column, assisting in both back pain recovery and the prevention of injury recurrence.

SpineForce Treatment Bellevue, WA

As an integrated piece of an extensive treatment program for back pain, the SpineForce can accelerate the recovery process while preventing the incidence of future injury.

At Back 2 Health Bellevue, our highly customized treatment programs are designed in conjunction with the most pressing needs of our patients. Once a patient’s physical condition is thoroughly examined, we select the therapies and treatments that will most effectively address the conditions presented. We blend cutting-edge technology, non-invasive therapies, and the highest treatment standards to ensure patients see the best results for back pain.

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