Back 2 Health offers the most comprehensive care, combining the most current rehabilitative techniques.

Professional Testimonials

Doctor Testimonial   Dr. Frank Li, MD

Dr_Frank_LiAs a pain physician, I am sensitive to the varying strengths of the chiropractors in the community. Dr. Hsu’s customized patient approach sets him apart from his peers. Most chiropractors do not take the time that Dr. Hsu’s devotes to learning about the unique needs of his patients and the result are apparent.

Attorney Testimonial   Keith Holmes, Attorney

KeithHolmesI have been in practice for over 27 years doing personal injury and some workers compensation cases with many providers and have found that Dr.Hsu one of the best patient-oriented doctors and yet easy going when it comes to dealing with attorneys. He comes highly recommended.


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Golden Tate   Seattle Seahawks

golden-tateI’ve been seeing Dr. Austin Hsu and it has really been beneficial to me. Dr. Hsu’s chiropractic treatments has helped keep me healthy and performing at my best.

Heath Jones  Health Management Coach at Healthways

heath-jonesOur primary goal is to keep the healthy population healthy and to improve the health of employees and family mem­bers. Chiropractic lifestyle is about promoting healthy and balanced systems in the body, to move each person towards optimal health. I often recommend our clients to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments are a vital component, it helps leading toward good and lasting health. Dr. Hsu helps our clients better manage their low back pain through exercise and chiropractic care, also Increase their exercise and activity levels.

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